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Actual update V1.3.0




  The new TCX data module can now also read sports data from Garmin, Polar watches, ie all watches, which generates the so-called TCX data (training units) for export. Thus, you can maintain the data in Sport.Hirn and have them together with your other data in view.


  Now especially for our professionals and amateurs:
- Document NADA procedures (logon, logoff, etc.)
- Doping controls

The bikefitter for comparing bike frame geometries. Simply load the bike as an image into the tool and measure it with a few mouse clicks and get all the relevant frame data. Put different bikes on top of each other and immediately see the differences and find out your favorite as your next bike, even before the test drive.  



And now watch out!


For a short time * you can get a premium licence as an introductory offer with 50% discount. With the premium license you can use all modules of Sport.Hirn and have the full range of functions. Give the coupon code "SportHirn1701" when requesting.
Of course, you also have full eMail support for questions or other inquiries. Do not miss out on this one. The premium license costs regularly 39 €.

* The offer is valid until 31.03.2017


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