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  Many ambitious athletes who train regularly want to record their activities for a variety of reasons. They want to see what and how much they have trained. Very quickly, however, many more questions arise, such as where did I train, how did it go, etc.  


Reasons for collecting the data could be:

  • I just want to know what I have done
  • I pursue a goal, e.g. a competition, and would like to optimally recognize and shape the path to it.
  • I would like to analyse the training data, not only from a sports point of view, but also from a health or financial point of view.
  • And many, many more reasons, everyone has their own reason or reasons.
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  Sport.Hirn is a new software concept with a modular structure.
What does that mean?
  The first question that comes to mind is, of course, is for what sports can I use Sport.Hirn. On the one hand, it's very simple: FOR ALL.
Why can we say that so simply: Sport.Hirn is like a Lego game, there is a base plate and then central, general building blocks and there are many very specific building blocks. So each sport has its own building block and you can give very specific information for these sports, i.e. when cycling you can not only indicate kilometres, but also e.g. with what wattage you have ridden, when swimming you can indicate how many lanes you have swum, which exercises you have done, etc.
  Just take a look for which sports there are already modules!  
  Whether your cycling, swimming, doing a triathlon, gliding, hiking, long jump, sack hopping or cherry pit spitting operates, Sport.Hirn can deliver the relevant module. You add the module to your existing software and you can combine all aspects of your sports in one software.  


And here we come to the next point: doing sports is not just training.

  Sport.Hirn has the claim to cover everything around your sports. This also means that you want to record and analyze other aspects besides the pure sport data, e.g.  
  • When did I train and with whom?
  • When did I have injuries, why and what, did I go a doctor, to which doctor, what has he/she prescribed, what medications did I take, how was the further recovery.
  • What material did I train with?
  • How many miles does my material already has "on it", do I have to replace it?
  • How much money did I spend?
  • I can add attributes to each entry, e.g. "Competition", "Injury suffered", "Companion", etc.
  • To each entry I can add own images, documents, videos, sounds and website links, so it becomes from a pure fact collector to a real sports diary.
  • And much more, new functions are constantly added....


  Just try, Sport.Hirn is easy to install and you'll find your way around quickly.  
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